Children’s Grief Awareness Day

Vol Training  Healing House

* Join in a REMEMBRANCE CEREMONY on November 15 at 5:30pm at Parc Sans Souci

Children’s Grief Awareness Day is observed every year on the Thursday before Thanksgiving. This time of year is a particularly appropriate time to support grieving children because the holiday season is often an especially difficult time after a death. Children’s Grief Awareness Day seeks to bring attention to the fact that often support can make all the difference in the life of a grieving child.

This year Children’s Grief Awareness Day will be observed on Thursday, November 15, 2012. This day provides us the opportunity to recognize and support the millions of grieving children across the nation—the thousands of grieving children right in our own communities—and the grieving children we know and see in our daily lives, an opportunity to make sure that these children receive the support they need.

Holding on to HOPE was created in connection with Children’s Grief Awareness Day to help raise awareness of the need for support of children grieving the death of a loved one and to let these children know they are not alone.

Here is how you can help!

*Contact the Healing House and schedule a day to have a picture taken of you, your family, or place of business wearing blue (the awareness color for Children’s Grief) and a Holding onto HOPE sign. We will then share your picture online with grieving kids throughout the world—let these kids see that it’s possible to Hold on to HOPE.

*Wear blue on November 15, National Children’s Grief Awareness Day to show your support of children who are grieving.

* Join in a REMEMBRANCE CEREMONY on November 15 at 5:30pm at Parc Sans Souci