Mass for Mercy

prayer for repealIt’s all about saying No to all the violence.  On Saturday, May 3, 2014 believers in the sanctity of life gathered at St. Patrick Church in Lafayette to pray for victims of violence, for the perpetrators and especially for an end to the death penalty in our state and nation.  The Mass was that of Giving Thanks to God for the Gift of Life.  In song, we prayed “For the Healing of the Nations”, joined the ‘good thief’ in asking, “Jesus, Remember me, when you come into your Kingdom”, and we reflected on what happens “Where Charity and Love Prevail”.  Scriptures were read from Romans 12: 14-21, and from Luke 15:  11-25.  The Gospel and Homily (given by Fr. Keith LaBove) can be heard here:

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The story of Mary Johnson and her son’s killer can be seen here.

Pray for Mercy.