From our Bishop

In order to avoid confusion of the Catholic faithful, we pass along this clarification at our Bishop’s request.  We regret that the situation has made this statement necessary:

The people of the Diocese of Lafayette are cautioned that Mr. Jimmy Broussard who lives in Crowley, Louisiana, is no longer in communion with the Catholic Church. Despite calls to the contrary, Mr. Broussard continues to inappropriately offer himself for church services which may only legitimately be conducted by Catholic bishops, priests and deacons. Because of his break from Catholic Church governance, it is morally unlawful for the Catholic faithful to receive ministerial services including baptisms, confessions, marriages, anointing of the sick, wake services, funerals or even music ministry from Mr. Broussard. I am concerned that the Catholic people be properly informed and duly instructed concerning attempted ministry by Mr. Broussard. I ask everyone’s cooperation in this matter.

– Most Reverend Michael Jarrell, Bishop of Lafayette

I must regretfully take this more public action after lesser means have proved insufficient. Please continue to pray that error may be prevented and that the integrity of the Church be protected.