National Migration Week

twim-6-social-media-image-2By Bishop Daniel E. Flores

“The Church, through her public voice must call attention to the plight of the innocent who suffer, and to how a culture of violence and death is destroying a people and a culture that has endured and flourished on both sides of the Border for many generations. And we should not be shy about the enunciation of the principles that shed light on what constitutes a just way forward.
“Between Christ and despair there is only the illusion of a middle ground; there is no safe secular space where we all happily mind our own business. The most enduring and effective remedy we offer in this troubled time is to do what we have always done, only with a greater sense of generosity and urgency. We need to teach the Gospel. It engenders hope in the final triumph of what is good and noble in life. Without this hope, the spiritual resources of our communities will not be sufficient to meet the inimical power facing us and threatening our children.”
Bishop Flores is the. Bishop of the Diocese of Brownsville, TX