Adeodate Nsengimana

CRS-adeodate-rwandaAdeodate and Odette Nsengimana are raising their little boy in Rwanda. Through the efforts of Catholic Relief Services they have been learning the importance of providing a balanced diet for their child and for themselves.   Eighty percent of the population in Rwanda is dependent on farming. Yet forty-four percent of children under 5 are suffering from chronic malnutrition, called “stunting”, affecting their psychological, mental and physical development.  Catholic Relief Services has been involved in nutrition-related activities and health there since 2007. Families are helped to grow more food on very small plots of land, and to tend small gardens near their kitchens (giving a whole new meaning to ‘farm to table’). CRS provides education and resources to assist families with the very basics of life, for the future of their children.  Operation Rice Bowl