Respecting the Weather

storm radar-2016-08-13From Bishop Deshotels:

Dear Friends, as we gather for prayer this weekend and in the coming days, especially as we Catholics remember the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God on Monday, we join our hearts and prayers with all believers on behalf of the saturated and flooded communities of Louisiana and of our beloved Acadiana in particular.  We pray in gratitude for first responders who have rescued our citizens and also for neighbors who continue to help neighbors meet the challenges of these torrential rains.   We urge everyone to remain attentive to the directives of our civil officials.  Let us continue to pray for the Lord’s protection and remember the words of the prophet Nahum, “The LORD is good to those who wait for him, and a refuge on the day of distress, taking care of those who look to him for protection.”  (Nahum 1:7)

“All are reminded that Church teaching (Catechism, 2183), and canon law (canon 1248, §2) excuse weekend Mass obligation in the case of grave inconvenience.  Weather conditions are different in various areas of the Diocese.  The faithful are advised to follow the directions and advice of local civil authorities.  A pastor may cancel or reduce the Mass schedule only in those places where grave conditions make that necessary.  When participation at Holy Mass is precluded, the faithful are to devote appropriate time to personal or family prayer, e.g. reflection on the Sunday readings, praying the rosary or mental prayer.  In any case, the Lord’s Day remains holy.  Please pray for the safety of all affected by this major weather event.”

This Sunday’s Readings