The Needy

Heifer Project

Each year in late fall, St. Patrick conducts an appeal for funds for Heifer International, an organization devoted to developing sustainable agriculture in poverty stricken communities throughout the world.  A pair of goats, a flock of sheep, a gaggle of geese or any of the other usual bequests of animals provide a family or community with the means to better themselves and their standard of living.  More information is on the project’s website.

Bishop’s Services Appeal

For over 20 years now, Catholic in the Diocese of Lafayette have given generously to this appeal begun by the late Bishop Gerard L. Frey.  The funds raised make possible a broad array of services to the needy in our diocese, striving to touch lives and draw people to Christ.  The appeal for 2011-2012 begins on October 2nd.  The diocesan web site has more info, as well as an overview of services.


Their mission is to provide human services, which reflect Gospel values and the Church’s commitment to preserve, enhance and support human life with a special concern for the poor, the hungry and the homeless of Acadiana.
 Lafayette Catholic Service Centers provides comprehensive human services that are dedicated to promoting human dignity. Services range from meeting the most basic of needs, to transitioning the hungry, homeless and impoverished from critical situations to lives of self-sufficiency.
Operating a soup kitchen, an emergency financial services office, a hygiene facility, a re-housing program, a licensed child care and six shelter/housing programs for homeless men, women, children and veterans, Lafayette Catholic Service Centers reach thousands in need each year. Visit their website.

Women’s Center

Blessed Theresa of Calcutta once said, “It is a poverty that a child must die so that you might live as you wish.”  The Women’s Center strives to be of service to women in crisis, faced with a pregnancy that frightens or overwhelms them.  A variety of services are offered, in order that precious human life at its most vulnerable might be protected and cherished. Located at 1331 Jefferson St. (walking distance from UL), they have more information here.

Faith House of Acadiana

To our “our girls, our sisters, our friends”, Faith House provides safe housing for women in crisis.  Violence against women and children remains a plague in our culture, and all too many women find themselves in need of a safe place to find refuge from harm.  The location is confidential, and they maintain a 24 Hour Toll Free Crisis Line: 800-411-1333.  More about their programs is available here.

Hospice of Acadiana

When Hospice of Acadiana, Inc. was established in 1983, one of the guiding principles was a pledge to accept all medically eligible patients, regardless of their ability to pay for services. Since that time, they have dedicated themselves to compassionate care for the dying as a form of community ministry rather than as a business.  They have set quality of care, not financial reward, as the ultimate measure of our success.

United Christian Outreach

UCO is the result of a number of churches in the Lafayette area combining their resources to provide assistance to the needy.  Services include assistance with the necessities of life, such as food, medicine, etc.  Individual donations are also accepted.  They are located at 422 Carmel Drive, Lafayette, LA 70501-5106 and can be reached at (337) 234-0162.

Lafayette Community Health Clinic

The Lafayette Community Health Care Clinic is a non-profit organization that provides quality outpatient health care for the eligible working uninsured and develops and provides programs to address community health care needs through collaborative partnerships. The primary goal of this effort is to make basic health care services accessible to lower income working Lafayette Parish residents so that they will remain healthy enough to maintain their jobs, their homes, and their independence.