Be Unafraid

We live in a time when our nation is thrashing about in fear of the stranger – the foreigner, the refugee, the alien.  All our supposed toughness, our “zero tolerance”, our willingness to strip children from their parents’ arms is a result of that fear and insecurity.  We fear they make take from us something we have (to which we are certainly entitled!), or keep us from getting something we think we need.  People who are afraid build walls, rather than bridges, and take refuge in hatred and prejudice.

Three videos from Catholic Relief Services invite us to begin to turn the tide, three conversations that invite us to “Be Unafraid”.

Fȇte-Dieu du Vermilion

Eucharistic Boat Procession up the Vermilion River, will take place on the Feast of the Assumption, Wednesday, August 15.  All are invited to a Mass in French at 8am at St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church in Abbeville to begin the day.  Bishop Glen Provost of the Lake Charles Diocese will preside and give the homily.  At the end of Mass there will be a procession from Church with the Blessed Sacrament and a statue of Mary across the draw bridge to the old River Side Restaurant.  At 10:00 am 121 boats will embark in procession (one for each of the 121 parishes of the Diocese) and make their way up Bayou Vermilion to Lafayette.  The boat procession will stop in Milton at Wawee’s at 11:35 am for recitation of the rosary and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.  The flotilla will re-commence at 12:35 pm and continue upstream, arriving at Rufino’s in River Ranch at 1:40 pm for Rosary and Benediction. The boat procession will embark once again at 2:40 pm and arrive at Beaver Park at about 3:20 pm.  At 3:45 pm a foot procession with the Blessed Sacrament and a statue of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary will leave the landing and process up University Avenue in Lafayette all the way to the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist.  Solemn Vespers will be prayed at 5:00 pm and Holy Mass will follow at 5:30 pm with Bishop Douglas Deshotel to conclude the historic day.  Confessions will be heard in mobile units at each of the stops along the way.  Don’t miss this “once in a hundred years’ event!”  Schedule your vacation day now and register your boat!  For more information or to register a boat visit our website at, send us an email at, or call (337) 394-6550.

Tearing Families Apart

In light of the recent policy implementation by the Department of Homeland Security regarding children in undocumented families, Most Reverend Joe S. Vasquez (Chariman of the USCCB Committee on Migration) issued the following statement:

“Forcibly separating children from their mothers and fathers is ineffective to the goals of deterrence and safety and contrary to our Catholic values. Family unity is a cornerstone of our American immigration system and a foundational element of Catholic teaching. ‘Children are a gift from the Lord, the fruit of the womb, a reward.’ (Psalm 127:3) Children are not instruments of deterrence but a blessing from God.

Rupturing the bond between parent and child causes scientifically-proven trauma that often leads to irreparable emotional scarring. Accordingly, children should always be placed in the least restrictive setting: a safe, family environment, ideally with their own families.

My brother bishops and I understand the need for the security of our borders and country, but separating arriving families at the U.S./Mexico border does not allay security concerns. Children and families will continue to take the enormous risks of migration—including family separation—because the root causes of migration from the Northern Triangle remain: community or state-sanctioned violence, gang recruitment, poverty, and a lack of educational opportunity. Any policies should address these factors first as we seek to repair our broken immigration system.”

The policy needs to be condemned as unjust, anti-family and contrary to our values. Imagine Jesus being stripped from the arms of his mother, Mary, as the Holy Family sought refuge in Egypt.


Men’s Prayer Breakfast

St. Joseph Catholic Church in Broussard, Louisiana  is hosting a Men’s Prayer Breakfast on Saturday, June 16, 2018, 9:00 am, at St. Joseph Church – Bishop Perry Learning Center (232 St. de Porres St., Broussard, LA. Cost:  $10 per person, paid at the door. The organizers of this event are extending an invitation to all men of the diocese.  For additional information please feel free to contact call the Church’s office at:  (337) 837-6218.
Download the flyer here.

Praying for Protection

A special “Mass for Protection during Hurricane & Storm Season” will be held on Wednesday, June 6, at 5:30 p.m. at Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, Lafayette. Please join us for this important Mass for Protection sponsored by the Cathedral and supported by the Central Deanery.
Our “Mass” is open to all, and along with services being held in the West, North, and South Deaneries, provides an area-wide opportunity for prayer and awareness at the start of Hurricane Season, which runs June 1–November 30, 2018.  For more information, call Danielle Huval at Cathedral (232-1322) or email